about me.

everyday I have to create something, I love what I do!
here’s who I am, what I do and my social networks, connect with me.

carlos salazar solano . ITO
Digital Designer / Art Director /Illustrator

I’m one of those that always knew what my path will be.

actually my destiny was sealed when my 1st grade teacher was disgusted by one of my drawings (she was right!) and in front of everybody she said: “carlos, it’s not so hard to paint inside the lines, look at this horrible butterfly and how you painted!”) since that moment, drawing has become my passion.

I grew up in Costa Rica, in the boom of video games, animated TV shows, Michael Jordan winning championships in the NBA and play outside was always the most enjoyable at the end of the day! that’s why I’m really inspired by nature and fantasy.

create stories is my thing, I was doing my own comics in my childhood and when I finished high school I was publishing comics along my heroes and friends artists in Costa Rican fanzines! those were the best times.

then I studied learned about design, animation and internet so my passion split between all of this.

I worked for E-Learning companies, Web Design Studios, Advertising and Digital Agencies and freelance for a couple of years.

in the last years i’ve being working at Sweetrush as Art Director, here I can use all my knowledge on e-learning projects, games and have fun working with a wonderful and amazing group of people.

currently I live in Vancouver Canada, lucky to have the love of my life and 2 dogs on my side in the life adventure!