Quarantine Feelings

2020 it’s definitely a weird year.

I know it’s not just me, being inside the house for so much time and not allowed to go outside makes you feel trapped.

I’ve being 10+ years working from home, but now it feels different, with the co-vid come the quarantine and there’s now a fear to go outside and everyone’s home is now the office as well, the gym, everything!

almost everyone is living the same situation, so someone have the idea to make an “online expo” with the quarantine as topic and i was invited to be part of it.

the concept and idea came out really quick, so quick that I can tell you this artwork literally spoke to me, the colors, the head trapped inside the house, plants as ideas and thoughts growing and the body floating inside a space, it feels sad but i love how this really represents the feeling of the moment, at least for me! 

hope you like it and i hope you don’t feel like this at your home, there’s lot’s of things you can do to make this quarantine at home a great experience!